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MSAB offers increasingly accessible digital evidence to maximize investigative effectiveness

MSAB, a world leader in mobile forensics, announces its second major release for 2022. Together these updates create a complete security and integrity focused ecosystem.

“The MSAB vision is to empower every investigation with digital forensic solutions – for a safer world. We have been striving to arm our customers with the right solutions that allow access to critical information in the first hours of a criminal investigation and reduce time spent collecting digital evidence whilst emphasizing the right to privacy for victims”, says Joel Bollö, CEO of MSAB.

The updated mobile forensics solution for digital data recovery, XRY, comes with significant extraction and decoding capabilities for more mobile devices, with the total number of supported devices exceeding 42,200 and more than 4,100 app versions.

“MSAB understands the complex challenges that come with the diversity of devices. The latest releases of our three product suites represent a substantial advance in the MSAB effort to enable digital investigators accelerate their investigative efforts and solve cases faster.” says Joel Bollö, CEO of MSAB.

MSAB digital forensic solutions are constantly evolving and assist law enforcement agencies, in a legally secure manner, in investigating crimes, gathering intelligence, investigating fraud, and combating corruption.

“We endeavor to continually improve the quality of our products for our customers by listening to the feedback and comments. That is why we are introducing MSAB Early Access with the latest release of XAMN to allow our customers to preview and test new features before they are officially launched. The MSAB digital forensic analysis solution, XAMN, has also received several significant user experience improvements plus a whole host of other enhancements to help you find Intelligence and critical evidence faster and more effectively”, says Bradley Sipes, Chief Product Officer at MSAB. 

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About MSAB:
MSAB is a world leader in forensic technology for extracting and analyzing data in seized mobile devices. The company develops high-quality and easy-to-use software for law enforcement organizations, such as police, military, and customs. The products, which have become a de facto standard for securing evidence in criminal investigations, can be supplemented with reporting tools and a large range of training with certifications within a holistic method for forensic science. The company serves customers in more than 100 countries worldwide, through its own sales offices and through distributors. MSAB is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm under the ticker name: MSAB B.

For further information, please contact:
Joel Bollö, CEO MSAB,, +46 8 739 02 70

Bradley Sipes, CPO MSAB,, +46 8 599 225 50